Multiport USB Type-C Hubs

Multiport USB Type-C Hubs

USB C Hubs Are No Longer a Luxury: Exploring The Best USB C Hub Designs

Ever since the dawn of the MacBook in 2015, USB C has been a mainstream topic of tech-related conversations, blogs, and promotions. Standing in 2017, we see many laptops have already dropped the standard ports and are adopting USB C ports. It makes USB C quite a necessity. Laptops from Acer, HP, and Asus offer only USB C ports along with a new genre of Android phones that are compatible with the USB C hub only. It has merely increased the demand for all types of USB C cables and hubs for devices of this decade.

Apple grade products at pocket-friendly prices

The MoArmouz Type C Hub 5 ports are the best choice of Type C Hub for any Apple MacBook Pro generation. The five-port hub offers five different kinds of connections to all users. The USB 3.0 ports support USB drives and USB cables. It includes your regular flash drives and pen drives. It has separate ports for micro SD and SD cards. The availability of the hub makes transferring media from cameras and mobile phones a whole lot easier and faster. You can use the remaining 5th port for charging your device via a Type C cable. This port can give a power output of up to 100 Watt. The Hub contains fine-grade aluminium. The use of aluminium in the building process makes it a lot lighter and more durable. You can quickly pack it in your hand luggage while taking the flight or you can casually throw it in your backpack while travelling to the office via public transport. All in all, this USB Type C Hub from MoArmouz is a must for all modern laptop and mobile users, who want to taste the more elegant side of technology. 

Watch, play, charge and enjoy: 4-in-1 functions

Type C 4-in-1 HDMI hub allows you to explore a new world of full HD videos, games and fantastic sound. The four connectivity options of the new MoArmouz Type C HDMI hub open up a whole new world of possibilities for mobile, computer and LED TV owners. Since you get four separate connections with your new port cum HDMI hub, you can use one as a Type C to HDMI female connector, 1 Type C female connector and 2 USB 3.0 female connectors. The main Type C male connector can link a variety of devices with your primary device and provide high-quality 4K videos. Using this all-in-one hub you can, not just project videos; you can also sync your devices and charge them when you need them.

High definition, high quality

The 6-in-1 Type C (USB-C) Multiport 4K HDMI Hub is a powerful new device from the masterminds at MoArmouz. The HDMI 6-in-1 hub features an HDMI output capable of projecting 4K videos at 30Hz and 1080p videos at 60Hz. There are two different sorts of USB 3.0 SD/MicroSD card readers and two more USB 3.0 A hub ports. The following ports support 5 GBPS data transfer rates for USB 3.0/ USB 2.0/ USB1.1 devices, flash drives, USB HDD drivers, printers, mice and BC1.2 Fast Charging. It is not just another data transfer or data syncing device; this is a device that supports the charging of smartphones and iPhones with equal finesse. We use high-grade aluminium for the body. It makes the 6 in 1 hub light and durable. It gives all users a long service by virtue of its comfortable design and compact build.

The only USB 3.1 hub with an RJ45 port

MoArmouz has what you have been looking for - A portable USB 3.1 hub with an RJ45 port. The new Type C (USB-C) Multiport Gigabit Hub comes with multiple connectivity options. This one admittedly features an RJ45 port along with Type C female connectors, HDMI female connectors, and a USB 3.0 port. Along with transferring data at lightning speed, this Type C Hub can help you connect to the internet, charge your devices and project an HD video. The presence of built-in Ethernet automatically enables a network connection, even though your device might lack Ethernet features. If you want a life of luxury, surrounded by the best of the best electronic gadgets, the portable USB 3.1 Type C hub has to be a part of your collection.

The 4 in 1 charm from MoArmouz

When life is all about the right connections you make, you need the best connecting hubs and cables too. The new Type C (USB C) to 4-Ports USB 3.0 Hub features Type C female connectors. It allows all users to transfer data from multiple devices and charge multiple devices at the same time. The USB 3.0 ports enable nifty data transfer of speeds up to 5 GBPS. MoArmouz uses the best quality materials to build the 4 in 1 hub for mobile and lap users. It is a simple device to make your life much simpler. It offers the best speeds and the best connectivity at a pocket-friendly price.

Charge, transfer, sync, and watch: 3 purposes in 1 hub

USB Type C (USB C) Multiport HDMI Hub (3-in-1) comes with a USB 3.0 port and a Type C charging port. The remaining port is for the HDMI cable. The USB C port is for charging mobile devices, and the HDMI port enables connection to an external monitor for video projection. Watching your favourite videos has never been so much easier before the USB Type C to HDMI hub came into existence. This ultra-thin HDMI Hub packs quite the punch. You can now project all 4K videos, HD images, complex audio files and other data formats to your LED TV or HD monitor without any glitches. The USB C Charging hub can charge MacBook 2015, MacBook 2016 and MacBook 2017, along with other Type C Charger compatible tablets and devices. It also supports USB C Dongle for 2.4 GHz wireless keyboards and mice.

MoArmouz’s sleek design, sturdy built and high quality imparts a long life to these multi-utility USB hubs. When the world is going crazy for Anker USB C hubs, MoArmouz is offering world-class multi-function USB-C and HDMI hubs at a fraction of the cost. Check out the official MoArmouz website for a vast collection of the latest designs at the best prices.

This data was last updated on Dec 09, 2022