Artificial intelligence is here to stay!

January 26, 2016


“Wow, there are many people here”, were the first words said by Pepper at  Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016). The SoftBank's humanoid robot showed up on the stage, after IBM announced it will be powered partly by its Watson’s artificial-intelligence software. This way, IBM returns to the consumer industry after ten years.

Have you heard about Watson before? We’ll tell you more. It is an open cognitive computing technology platform created by IBM. According to the manufacturer, Watson “uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data”.

"This is the era of systems that understand, think over and learn. They also generate hypotheses and incredible confidence levels", said Ginni Rometty, IBM’s CEO, at CES 2016, on how Watson works. Actually the IBM and SoftBank alliance looks for having a robot capable to understand unstructured data which is 80% of the information around us.

Watson systems are able to understand the world in the way that humans do: through experiences, senses and learning. These cognitive abilities applied to robotic will  shake the way we interact with technology.   

Even when Pepper is available in Japan since 2015, this new one -with Watson's capabilities- doesn’t have a clear date to be launched on the market.

Other purposes

IBM also has developed apps where Watson works perfectly to help human decisions. For example, IBM Watson Trend helps shoppers understand what is trending through the cognitive power of Watson. It offers a lot of services: from to search for current or upcoming movie after a conversation with Watson, or help a candidate find its next job position by using the Cognitive Head Hunter.

Health care, education and manufacturing are some of the industries that have been using the cognitive superpowers of IBM's Watson for a few years now. For sure, we will have more to see.

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